Rise of the Rune Lords: Band of Petty Assholes

before ye lies the annals of a mighty adventure from lost ages chronicled and recounted by Gwerly Mernans, the needlessly suspicious and famously untrustworthy Inquisitor, faithful disciple of Yog-Sothoth. Known for his many careless and callous acts, as well as the recipient of much distain from those who met his acquaintance, all knowledge in place here was gathered from his fragmented and oft inebriated writings.


Race – Saren the Druid and his over-worked wolf skylin
Murt – the sexually ambiguous and charmingly diplomatic bard
David – the Racist Gnome Sorcerer with a penchant for soap
Chris – the aloof and claustrophobic rogue in search of keys
Gwerly Mernans – the Abrasive and Thoughtless Inquisitor

Rise of the Rune Lords